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Special Needs Education in Hongkong


If your child requires specialised educational support, there are two main options: enrolling your child in an international school with the resources to support your child’s needs, or enrolling your child in a private school focused specifically on special needs education.
In general, most international schools in Hong Kong do not have extensive resources for supporting special needs education. While some schools have a few specialists on staff (e.g. special education teachers, speech/occupational therapists, psychologists, literacy specialists), they can generally accommodate only students with mild learning or behavioural difficulties who can be placed in mainstream classes with some additional out-of-classroom support. In other words, schools will usually not accept students with significant special needs who require separate special classes or intensive one-to-one teaching.
A few schools stand out as offering more extensive special needs education support, such as Clearwater Bay School, Discovery Bay International School, Hong Kong Academy, International Christian School, Quarry Bay School and Sha Tin Junior School.
Aside from the international schools, there are several private schools offering customised educational programmes for students with special needs such as language disorders, autism, Asperger’s syndrome, attention deficit disorders and dyslexia. In addition to receiving classroom instruction from trained teachers—typically with very high teacher-student ratios—students also receive help from speech therapists, psychologists and other specialists, as required.
As these private schools cater specifically to students with special needs, classes are not integrated with mainstream students. However, students may be reintegrated to mainstream schools when they reach certain stages of development.
The following table lists private schools and organisations in Hong Kong focused on special needs education.

School                                                          Telephone number                                         Website
Autism Partnership School                          +852 2526 3061                                    
Growing Together                                        +852 2525 2270                                    
Jockey Club Sarah Roe School                   +852 2761 9893                                    
Melody Speech & Hearing Institute             +852 2810 0282                                    
Pathfinder Body & Mind Consultants           +852 2838 1339                                    
The Child Development Centre at Matilda   +852 2849 6138                                    
The Children’s Institute of Hong Kong         +852 2812 2144                                     
The Rainbow Project                                    +852 2548 7123                                    
Watchdog Early Education Centre               +852 2521 7364                                    

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